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D - Litter


Ajax vom Haus Denfors K9 x Zita vom Haus Lohe

D- Litter was born 14 of  August 2023

We are the most excited for this litter. 

This will be an amazing litter from our Ajax and Zita

All puppies look very healthy and very active and all are about the same size.

Lots of pigments and we have

2 Sable Males

1 Balck and Tan Male

2 Black and Tan Females

3 Sable Females

We are very happy and very excited to raise this phenomenal Puppies.


Puppy Gallerie

Puppies 2 Weeks old, Sunday 08/27/23
Photoshooting with Grandmas Potato Basket, little Potatoes

Puppies 6 weeks old

Puppies Growing