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Breeding Females

Alpha vom Haus Denfors K9

I am the Alpha!

Alpha is my Champ.


She is a very fast, strong and dominat female with a lot of drive. 


She loves to  work and the sport! Exceptional work ethik in this Genetics!

She is a upper medium sized, beautiful sable female, has great conformation, with a large broad head and beautiful ear set. She has accomplished her IGP3 title on Regional Championship Level, with solid scores. 

She has phenomenal drives in every area, and has a sweet and level-headed temperment. 

Pedigrees like hers, with generations of solid and serious working mother lines, produces innate greatness which she will continue to pass down to her progeny.

Körbericht / Breed Survey Report


" She is a sable colored female with strong head and lively expression.Upper medium sized, medium strong substancial, normal prportions, normal wither, firm and straight back,croup is somewhat shorter ans steep, balanced chest prportions, good angulation in forehand, good underline, very good angulation in the rearhand, Moes straight in front and rear. Should show more free front reach but shows very effective rear drive. TSB pronounced, dog releases.



Lively temerament, desired medium size, Excellent working dog characterisctics 

Ahnentafel / Pedigree

(Click on the picture for the link to working dog)

Screenshot 2023-01-22 154720.jpg

Alphas Trials and Championships

Alphas Art 

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