Ajax vom Haus Denfors K9


Ajax is an exceptional and very unique dog. The one in a million dog!

He is extremely heavy boned and correct in his angulation and conformation.  He is a large, tall male and weighs a solid 85 lbs and is extremely powerful. 

He still acts like a puppy with his 63 cm of height.

His size combined with the physical presence and his raw power and speed is phenomenal.

His bites and  grips are phenomenal hard and tied - that is unbelivable.

He is even so fast like his sister. His work ethic is exceptional!

With family and friends he is a sweetheart and loves to play gentle with kids.

He is extremely sweet and loving. He is an extremely confident, bold and assertive boy also.



Ajax is one in a million.


He is happy in the house with his people, or cuddling with the kids. He is just cool!  You absolutely will not find another dog like him anywhere else.

Breed Survey

"He is a big boned, very strong and substantial male with good built proportions.

Powerful head, straight back, a good croup and good angles in the front and rear end.


A dominant and safe self assured nature."


Ahnentafel / Pedigree

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Ajax Trialing
Ajax Art