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We are excited to see his sports career with his new and awesome family!

Nando des Lupus Saevus (Nando)

Nando is a very friendly and social dog.

He came to us as a high drive dog,  from a young lady with some

training issues.

He has no issues with people nor has he dog aggression or any problems with other dogs or anything else anymore.

He has a great temperament and a fantastic work ethic. 

He is a very confident and dominant dog.

His Conformation Show Rating -SG - and his 

Dental Notation -complete- is done!

Nando is a green dog and ready to work!

Only to approved working homes, recommended for breeding!

This male has great temperament and has excelent working dog characteristics!

Ahnentafel / Pedigree

(Click on the picture for the link to working dog)


Nando Art


Vielen Dank!

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