Welcome to Denfors Dog Training

About Our Dog Training Philosophy

Our training programs are based on a clear communication and positive reinforcement. Behavioral science tells us that behaviors that are rewarded will continue. We believe training has best results if its a positive rewarding and Engagement system. 

For a lifelong great relationship. 

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We provide training for working dogs of all sizes and working breeds

  • Tracking

  • Obedience

  • Protection

We will evaluate your dog and help you to decide which package will work best for you and your pack. 

  • Preparation for BH & Schutzhunde / IGP Trials

  • Protection Training

Our professional trainer has years of experience in behavior and specialized training.  We will evaluate your dog and help you to decide which package will work best for you and your pack. 

´Training Packages:

Basic Training

We start with building a bond with your dog. The most important thing in the dog world!

We want an engaged dog.

Than we teach your dog to respond to basic commands and will work on a solid recall.

Advanced Obedience

Beyond sit, down, stay which you might already worked on, you learn how to teach your dog advanced commands and behaviors.

Important for us is, that we will coach you.

This is important to us, and very different to other Trainers that you will find in this south area, this coaching skill needs experience!

So that you will not need more training and more expenses that you already have.

Come with your sport dog and we will help you get to your full potential with your dog.




Tracking is one of the dogs instincts.

If you like to train your dog tracking, we can teach you tracking up to the highest Level.


We love tracking and we get all dogs to track, even with less food drive because we have the knowledge.


We achieved multiple times the IGP3 

 "High in tracking" Trophy


We coach you  up to FH2 Tracking levels.

I offer regulary Tracking Workshops or one on ones. Ask for a Flyer

Personal Protection

We train only evaluated and approved dogs for personal protection. Dogs and Handler must have the right temperament.

Protection / Bite work

We train only evaluated and approved dogs for personal protection. Dogs and Handler must have the right temperament.

This is extremly important to us and we will explain you why when we meet you and your dog.

We are experienced enough to build up puppies up to the highest Level of Schutzhund IGP3.

We know how to train grips, bites and confidents compare to "Trainers" that you will find in this area.

We are happy to help you fix your issue in your bite work or just build up the best grip.

AKC Nosework

Search and Rescue

Category: Mantrailing


Mantrailing is really a combination of tracking and trailing, the K9s uses all their tools of  following one individual's scent.

.This specific training is to follow one individual's scent, wherever they have been dispersed. 

Mantrailing K9 can work extremely aged trails, while in tracking the K9 only track for fresh trails generally less than 3 hours old.


These trainings are only provided and are available for Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue Person.


Interested in professional Training Packages ( Minimum 4 weeks) please contact Rossi 
385-269-0815 or denfors.k9@gmail.com


For clear communication we recommend E-Collar Technologies, Inc.
We work with the Educator and have very well results because of the RELIABILITY of  theTechnology


AKC Evaluator for 





AKC  Community Canine

If paid in full by cash/check/charge for package plans mileage (.56/mile) fee will be waived (If applicable)




CGC Training & Test

  • Ages:       For dogs 6 months and up.

  • Duration: 2-4 weeks/Days

  • Time:       Flexible

  • All Breeds


The CGC Prep Course focuses on practicing and perfecting the CGC Test Items, and will be followed by a CGC Test.


The purpose of the program is to ensure that your dog, can be a good behaved member of our community.


To receive the CGC certificate, dogs must pass a 10-item Canine Good Citizen Test.


All dogs who pass the CGC test will receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club and will be automatically recorded in the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Archive.

If you've already prepared for it, sign up to take the test!

Call us to get you on a list for when our next CGC test is being offered.