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Here you will just find some outstanding Highlights... Enjoy our Journey!

Merry Christmas and a great, healthy and lucky new year to all of my friends all over the world, thank you for your long-term friendships and constantly great support!


Warmest regards



Rossi & Markus


October, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                     

The 2022 USCA GSD National Championship is in the books for Ajax & me.

To have earned the opportunity to walk on the field with the very best IGP Teams of German Shepherds and Handlers in the United States was again an Honor.

A huge shout out to ALL my people for your commitment to Ajax and me; it takes villages.

Thank you sincerely to my Husband and Helper Markus Forman, Friend and Helper Marc E. Aus Manweißesnicht and Schutzhunde sister Diane, Anja Blödel and Tina Eberius in Germany and all my Clubmates at Utah German Shepherd dog Schutzhunde Club (USCA)

Ajax and me earned a V6-Rating in the Sieger Show and I am happy that it worked out great for us with handling him by myself with the call help of Joshua. I am glad we do show training throughout the year in our club.

This accomplishment we are immensely proud of - V6 at Universal Sieger Show!

Unfortunately we got a DQ no-out in the back half of our protection routine that unfortunately ended the weekend for Team Ajax during the IGP portion of the Championship.

I would have loved to go tracking the next day.

2022 Universal Show Result:

V-6 Ajax vom Haus Denfors K9, BHOT

2022 USCA GSD Nationals


I am glad to be home again after two weeks of traveling in the row. And some busy busy weeks and month of remodeling and moving, training, preparing the dogs for nationals, work- trainings and club AND beeing blessed with 7 beautiful puppies from our new addition Zita

We found this wonderful place in Utah, 30 min from Salt lake city where we want to be and still work on it to make it Home Sweet Home

We now have a Covered arena to train for ugly weather and our own training field in big club trial size 100x60 meters.

Not only this, also we have a brick club house „Gesellschftsraum“ named by Marc for members we allow to say „the Gesell“

Our friend Marc E. Aus Manweißesnicht came visit us for three weeks September/ October to work dogs and it was such a great pleasure and a really fun time.

You left your spirit on our beautiful property in so many ways!!!

You helped give us back our German view of dogsort and we needed it because it’s different in the states

Trialed Alpha in Idaho and got another IGP3 in the books, I throw her cold on the field, without training or showing her the field, so of course we couldn’t get the 270 for nationals but always enjoy beeing on the field with my dogs and the enjoy the company of so fine people!

Now it’s time to settle and enjoy the upcoming holiday seasons.

The dogs doing great so far with the move, sometimes I find one standing on the van, looking at me like “Can we go home now”

Than I take them for a walk on the property and they enjoy the wild runs……

September, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                     

Time for some of the precious videos and picture of our wonderful

Pino Bett Silver x Zita Vom Haus Lohe Puppies.

Momma Zita is such a instinctively beautiful momma and it’s a pleasure to watch her socializing her puppies.

Puppies are now 6 weeks old. All found new sport homes.

We keep a female and a male in our breeding program and for high level competition.

Let them grow ……

Here are the puppy names








August, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                     

Screenshot 2022-09-07 111529.jpg
My boy Ajax is again qualified for USCA Nationals this year!
We work hard and we are exited for the big show.
Pregnancy confirmed of this fine breeding!
Our newest addition to our breeding program  (Imported in July 2022)
Pino Bett Silver x Zita vom Haus Lohe
We re so excited!!!
Puppies due end of September 2022!

Thse puppies are breed under WUSV / SV Regulations - PREMIUM BREEDING!

2022 USCA NW Regional Championship, San Jose 

Tracking Judge:       Jacob Pope

Obedience Judge:   Mike Caputo

Protection Judge:    Mike Caputo

Alpha vom Haus Denfors K9, WDC 2022

Ajax  vom Haus Denfors K9, WDC 2022 

We got the qualification done for USCA GSD Nationals!

Mai, 2022