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Balko vom Haus Denfors K9

​One of our 3 years old puppy’s is looking for a FOREVER new home and is for sale!!

Balko is a neutered male and he was at a family. Unfortunately the family situation changed and we took him back.


Balko is back at our Kennel for a couple month to evaluate if he got any issues.


Balko is very friendly, very happy and very social dog with people!

He has a great temperament and is a active dog and has lots of power. ONLY for n active strong person in a single home without dogs and little kids. ( He loves kids but we want him to be a single dog - he bonds very strong to his owner and deserve it)



He is three years old, has a great temperament, loves Kids, is potty trained, house trained, leash trained, basic obedience trained and he is the most quite and relaxed dog in the house.

He has no issues with people but since he came back he shown dog aggression to outside pack dogs.

He is Neutered. Will do best with a strong and active person, experience needed.


We offer a 4 week training class with him in your home if wanted.


Only to an approved home!

Please text for more information! Thanks!


Vielen Dank!

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